Welcome to the CoCon homepage. CoCon is a conference management system developed at the Technical University Munich and at the Middlesex University, London, as part of the RS3 program. It can be used for organizing the process of submitting, discussing and reviewing papers for conferences. It behaves similarly to EasyChair, a popular such system created by Andrei Voronkov. So far, CoCon has been used for the Tableaux 2015 and ITP 2016 conferences.

What makes CoCon special compared to other conference systems is that it is built around a verified core that is guaranteed not to leak. Leakage of course refers to undesired information flow only. In general, a conference system is all about facilitating information flow: authors upload papers for committee members to read and discuss, committee members upload reviews and notifications for authors, etc. However, some information should remain partially or totally secret from some parties. For example, the committee members would surely sleep better if the following type of behavior (exhibited by an older version of HotCRP) did not occur:

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We do not mean to suggest that the current HotCRP or EasyChair versions leak confidential information ‒ we certainly hope this is not the case. For CoCon though, we provide assurance. More details can be found in this paper. The formal verification scripts, runnable in Isabelle, can be found here. (We always aim to keep the scrips up to date with the latest Isabelle release ‒ please email Andrei Popescu at uuomulthe at if you encounter any problem with running the scripts.)

Brief Description of the System

CoCon has a superuser, which we call voronkov as a tribute to the EasyChair inspiration. The voronkov is the first user of the system, and his role is to approve new-conference requests. A conference goes through several successive phases.